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What are NFTs

Recently you may have heard the letters N-F-T being thrown about, and blasted all over social media, but what exactly does it mean? What is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token)? I have put together a series of videos here for you to view to help you to understand these a bit better. I believe that NFTs are going to become very important to our modern economy as we move forward into a more digital world.

Because this range of NFTs are minted on the Solana blockchain I have also added some videos to help understand blockchain, cryptocurrencies and Solana. 

Then finally, to be able to buy and sell with Solana on Solsea, you will need a really great digital wallet, we recommend Phantom, so I have finished off here by including a video on the Phantom wallet that you will use with the Solsea.io site.

First up... WTF is an NFT?

 Okay great... so how is Boo Le Heart going to be turning sewing patterns into NFTs?

Well, actually it's not really the sewing pattern that will become an NFT, but rather the graphics used for the fabric design. You will be purchasing a unique digital artwork, which will be a seamless fabric design, and you will get the sewing pattern added to that for you to be able to create a very unique piece of fashion, either for yourself or your brand - in fact you can launch an entire fashion brand just by purchasing the designs from this range.

The NFT range will be made up of a series of digital sewing patterns and digital fabric designs taken to the next level. Looking at starting your own clothing line? Or looking for that one-of-a-kind fashion statement? Or just a great piece of digital art, or a unique fabric design to create whatever you wish to? Each NFT comes with the following digital files:
1. High quality digital artwork that is seamless (can be repeated infinitely)
2. A sewing pattern with an assortment of sizes (generally from XSmall to 6XLarge, check the description of each pattern for specific sizes) in two pdf formats (print from home onto A4 or letter size pages, or large format prints)
3. A layout of each pattern size onto the digital fabric design, ready to print, cut and sew
4. A layout of the digital fabric, without the pattern pieces
5. Digital sewing instructions.

View the full collection at: https://solsea.io/collection/62279ace1bf9dc1edea370e1


What is the blockchain?

What is Cryptocurrency?

What is Solana?

The Phantom Wallet


Bonus video...

To finish off I thought I would just throw this one in, to give investors a good idea as to where NFTs can fit into your investment strategy moving forward.